The Most Flexible and Affordable WasteWater Evaporation Solution.

A powerfully effective combination of science, nature and engineering, the EcoMister Wastewater Evaporator is a patented, Turbine-driven, liquid atomizing evaporator system that offers the highest evaporation efficiency at the lowest cost to operate. Electric or Fuel powered, the EcoMister Evaporator offers the most durable, cost effective wastewater disposal solution available to industry today, whether in Mining, Solid Waste, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Municipal Wastewater or Food Processing. The EcoMister Evaporator is third-party tested and offers trusted, certified solutions.

From Turbo-Mister to the EcoMister Evaporator, evaporation technology started here.

The engineers at Slimline Manufacturing created and patented the original Turbo-Mister as a custom solution for a mining client over 20 years ago, and our team has been improving and enhancing the performance of our Heavy and Light Duty Evaporators ever since. In multiple industries across the globe, we have been providing high quality, precision engineered products to customers seeking innovative and solution-based wind and water machinery for a wide range of operating conditions. 
Our EcoMister Evaporators, formerly known as Turbo-Misters, are the most reliable, proven systems available to industry today.


Save Your Money


Reduce your footprint


Harness the Combined Power of Technology & Nature

EcoMister Solutions in Action: Solid Waste Disposal Technology, Innovation, Cost Containment Makes Pincher Creek Landfill Best in Class

To be competitive, and sustainable, Pincher Creek needed a solution to manage their leachate. Learn how the Ecomister Evaporator saved them thousands

The Future of Wastewater Disposal is Evaporating. Literally.

When the complicated logistics and prohibitive costs of trucking wastewater out of a site for disposal are fully examined, it becomes clear that you have two choices: vaporizing your wastewater, or vaporizing your budget.  It’s kind of an easy choice.

We have rebranded our Turbo-Mister Evaporator to the EcoMister Evaporator – same great product, with a new name!