Enhanced Leachate and Storm Water Evaporation for the Solid Waste Industry

The EcoMister Evaporator is the trusted solution for enhanced evaporation in the Solid Waste Industry.  With over 25 years of experience, it is the most economical solution on the market. 

It has been used at landfills around the world to dispose of leachate and storm water.  Set up over a pond, a lined evaporation area, or recirculated over an open cell to aid in dust suppression. 

Automated wind controls mean the evaporator can be left to run autonomously 24/7. It will turn itself on and off to match the wind with the plume and the dimensions of the designated evaporation area.

How does EcoMister work for landfill sites?

  • Prevents clogged intakes.
  • Targeted plume area.
  • Removes the need for truck hauling waste water
  • Multi power sources to work with current infrastructure

Key features/benefits

  • Floating intake with self cleaning filter.
  • Automated Wind controls to keep the plume in the containment area.
  • Evaporator stays put throughout the season, can be skid based or trailer based.
  • It will save you money over traditional disposal methods.

Eliminate leachate trucking costs.

Automated drift control manages environmental impact.

Lowest cost leachate disposal alternative.

Solid Waste

frequently asked questions

Yes. Efficiency may be affected but the evaporators will still work.

Yes, EcoMister Evaporators are used in tropical climates across the world.

This will depend on the water quality of the wastewater you spray. Often an amendment or a variance to an existing permit is all you need.

At disposal rates starting at 1/10th of a cent per US Gallon or 26 cents per cubic meter, the EcoMister evaporator creates huge cost savings compared to traditional disposal methods.

Most sites will have an evaporation season. We adjust the size and number of evaporators to hit your annual goal within that season.

There are different size units available for your pond size.

You can create a lined evaporation area if you have no pond. Some sites will spray directly over an open cell.

With wind controls, the EcoMister Evaporator ensures all the plume remains in the defined evaporation area.

trusted by landfills across north america

case studies

case studies

Everything That Comes Here, Stays Here

Crowsnest/Pincher Creek Landfill

Everything That Comes Here, Stays Here

The Proof is in the Pond

Mascot/Nickleplate Mine, Hedley BC, Canada.

The Proof is in the Pond