Why The Ecomister

Reliability matters. Choose the proven solution.

 To extend the life of a pond. To avoid the cost of an additional pond. To reduce or eliminate the need for a water treatment plant. To avoid the prohibitive costs of trucking and disposal of excess water. To safely contain contaminants and maintain abundant freeboard in your pond, for pennies a day. The EcoMister Evaporator is the proven solution to safe, controlled and affordable wastewater disposal.

Inspired by nature, the EcoMister Evaporator is available in either electric or fuel power, and in heavy duty, light duty or custom applications.


Innovative Technology

The EcoMister at Work

Harnessing the natural process of evaporation is the future of wastewater disposal. The EcoMister Evaporator series from Slimline Manufacturing Ltd. uses our patented Turbine technology to loft wastewater into the air, creating optimal ‘hang time’, and allowing nature to evaporate the water, while the solids are returned to the pond.

Initial water particle (droplets size & mass) is designed to be discharged at maximum pressure

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Spray pattern engineered to reduce water particle collision and to reach maximum loft or ‘hang time’

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The water particle remains suspended at the final stage of the vaporization cycle

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Path of solids returning to pond

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Accumulation of pond solids

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Turbine Technology

Precision Engineering. Predictable Results.

Turbo-mist technology maximizes airflow.

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Generates a minimum 160 km/hour (100 MPH) air velocity through the wind tunnel.

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Creates optimal fan output while using less energy.

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Slimline’s patented Turbine and wind tunnel technology are combined to dramatically outperform any other evaporation system available. The Turbine in every handmade EcoMister Evaporator is engineered and manufactured to a clearance of 1/50th of an inch. With this precision, the EcoMister Evaporator generates 160 km/hour (100 MPH) air velocity through the wind tunnel, the nozzling atomizes the liquid exposing the maximum volume of water particles to the air creating optimal hang time to enable evaporation. Having the ability to precisely engineer water droplet size and control spray direction and loft results in maximized evaporation while simultaneously minimizing the potential for drift.  

Based on prevailing winds, pond size and desired evaporation volumes, Slimline Manufacturing will customize a solution that best meets your goals of cost savings, pond maintenance and environmental safety.


Save Your Money

The EcoMister Evaporator offers a significant cost advantage for your wastewater disposal. By enhancing the natural evaporation process, the EcoMister Evaporator evaporates wastewater in multiple industries such as Mining, Solid Waste, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Municipal Wastewater, Chemical Processing, as well as Food Processing and Agriculture and Livestock.

Utilizing the EcoMister Evaporator as their wastewater disposal solution, our customers spend on average $0.0010 per US Gallon ($0.0038 per Cubic Meter) on disposal.


Slimline offers wastewater solutions for multiple industries to meet customer requirements.

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Heavy Duty MODELS

The HD Solutions are built for the harshest operating conditions, and highly contaminated water. High quality stainless steel and a specially blended powder coating allow our systems to stand up to the toughest environments. Built with a patented “Turbo-mist” turbine, Heavy Duty Solutions are the most durable and corrosion resistant evaporators available, period.

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Light Duty MODELS

The LD Solutions are designed to mirror the performance and functionality of the HD Solutions however they are typically for environments that have low to moderately contaminated water. Also built with a patented “Turbo-mist” turbine, Light Duty Solutions provide a lower cost, robust solution for your wastewater disposal needs.

Cost Savings



ECOMISTER 0.0010 cents per gallon
TRUCKING* 7.5 cents per gallon
TREATMENT* up to 20 cents per gallon


Oil & Gas

ECOMISTER 0.042 cents per bbl
TRUCKING* 0.03 cents per bbl per mile
TREATMENT* 1.50 dollars per bbl

*Data based on average market trends.

Evaporation Summary: Mining

Single HD30 operation for 7 months in Nevada in the area around Beowawe U of N ranch:

With an average pan evaporation rate of 46%

– Daily disposal rate for period was 46,041 US gallons
– Average monthly disposal for this period was 1,431,419 US gallons
– Total volume disposed in the 7 month period was 10,019,934 US gallons

Disposal cost based on power consumed

– Total power consumed during operation was 32 KW/hour
– Power Cost of 6 cents per Kilowatt
– Our cost of disposing 10,019,934 US gallons of water over a period of 7 months was 0.0010 cents per gallon



Through extensive research and testing, we’ve developed a standardized process that allows you to safely and consistently dispose of wastewater without the use of chemicals, filter media or the burning of petroleum products. Our system naturally evaporates wastewater to eliminate trucking costs, significantly reducing your carbon footprint while also reducing cost.



Slimline Manufacturing

Slimline Manufacturing creates Evaporation Systems that are innovative portable industrial evaporators, enabling clients to address environmental concerns such as the separation of contaminants from waste water.

At Slimline Manufacturing our mission is to provide high quality, engineered products to customers seeking innovative and solution-based wind and water machinery for a wide range of operating conditions.

Find out more about our full line of Slimline products, systems and services here.


We offer an automated wind speed control monitoring system that can be attached to the unit and will keep your spray plume contained within your area.

This is dependent on your site. Our units rely on mother nature and local climate conditions. Our largest unit moves 80 gallons per minute, so with an evaporation rate of 50%, this results in 40 gallons per minute. On a larger scale, 40 million US gallons per year results in an evaporation of 20 million gallons per year.

This figure is highly dependent on energy costs. Typical disposal rate is a tenth of a penny per US gallon.

Our units are purposely designed for minimal maintenance and cost. Nozzle replacement may be required every 2 years, annual lubrication of machinery is recommended, and a major bearing replacement may be required every 5 years.