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Model LD19

LIGHT Duty: Solutions for MODERATELY Contaminated Water

All units in the LD series are designed to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and are available in land based, trailer based and float based configurations depending on your specific needs. Pump packages are also available to match the needs of your site along with wind speed and automated control systems.


Longevity in the Harshest Environments

The LD19 EcoMister Evaporator is built with our stainless steel axial flow turbine and our stainless steel directional wind tunnel and both are coated with specially blended powder coating for durability against the elements and to meet the corrosive conditions of operating sites. Motors are built to exceed IEEE-841 Severe Duty standards and are 3rd party tested to guarantee a 0.5 mil vibration rate to maximize the motor’s operational lifetime.

Fits Smallest Ponds

With the smallest turbine of the three evaporator sizes the LD19 offers the smallest plume for those sites with limited space. Still equipped with a dynamically balanced aluminum fan and our directional air delivery tube which creates laminar air flow, the spray pattern is engineered to reduce water particle collision and to reach maximum loft or “hang time”. This longer “hang time” along with a specifically engineered droplet size maximizes your evaporation efficiency, even on a smaller pond.

Low Operating Costs

To maximize efficiency and minimize operational costs the Turbo-mist turbine is spun to a specific size allowing for manufacturing tolerances of fewer than 30 thousandths of an inch. This allows the turbine to operate at lower horsepower requirements but provides air volumes comparable to a much larger and more costly unit. Systems are designed for minimal maintenance and down time through thoughtful design like simplified greased ports on the motors to a quick release camlock on the nozzle ring manifold.


Each evaporator is available in multiple base configurations including fixed land based, trailer based, and float based, providing the best solutions and setup for the needs of each site. A 360 degree rotating base with multiple locking positions along with a simplified pitch adjustment system allows the operator to easily adjust the direction and angle of the wind tunnel to optimize plume control and evaporation efficiency in varying site conditions.

HP of Motor
0 "
Turbine Size
0 FT
(15 M) Max Throw from Machine (Length)
US GALLONS (22,700 Cubic Meters)
Annual Disposal Volume at 50% Efficiency

How It Works

Harnessing the natural process of evaporation is the future of wastewater disposal. Electric or Fuel powered motor, the EcoMister Evaporator series from Slimline Manufacturing uses our Turbine technology to loft wastewater high into the air, creating sustained ‘hang time’, and allowing nature to evaporate the water, while the solids are returned to the pond. 

Operational Costs and Savings

The EcoMister Evaporator offers a significant cost advantage for your wastewater disposal. By enhancing the natural evaporation process, the EcoMister Evaporator allows you to evaporate wastewater in multiple industries such as Mining, Municipal Wastewater, Landfill Leachate, Oil & Gas, Food Processing and Power Generation.


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Support around the world,
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OEM Parts & Customer Support

Global coverage and the highest standards of performance excellence. We offer factory-backed OEM EcoMister™ Genuine Parts to support your needs and your customers. We stand behind our product, and offer our expertise and knowledge to help you get the right parts in a timely manner. 2-Day Delivery Guarantee*

*Delivery guarantee is 2 standard business days for delivery services within North America, provided by UPS. The cost of shipping will depend on your location, the carrier chosen, and the size and weight of the product purchased.


When the complicated logistics and prohibitive costs of trucking wastewater out of a site for disposal are fully examined, it becomes clear that you have two choices: vaporizing your wastewater, or vaporizing your budget. It’s kind of an easy choice.

Leachate disposal Technology, innovation, cost containment makes Pincher Creek landfill best in class.

To be competitive, and sustainable, Pincher Creek needed a solution for industrial waste management costs. Learn about what they did and how it saved them millions.