Custom Wastewater ManagemenT & DISPOSAL Solutions.

Applications, geography and conditions may change, but quality engineering remains the benchmark for every solution we build.

In every wastewater management challenge, the EcoMister team works with you to analyze the conditions, risks and opportunities, and develop the ultimate custom solution to meet your goals and priorities.

Turbine Technology

Precision Engineering. Predictable Results.

Turbo-mist technology maximizes airflow.

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Generates a minimum 160 km/hour (100 MPH) air velocity through the wind tunnel.

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Creates optimal fan output while using less energy.

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Slimline’s patented Turbine and wind tunnel technology are combined to dramatically outperform any other evaporation system available. The Turbine in every handmade EcoMister Evaporator is engineered and manufactured to a clearance of 1/50th of an inch. With this precision, the EcoMister Evaporator generates 160 km/hour (100 MPH) air velocity through the wind tunnel, the nozzling atomizes the liquid exposing the maximum volume of water particles to the air creating optimal hang time to enable evaporation. Having the ability to precisely engineer water droplet size and control spray direction and loft results in maximized evaporation while simultaneously minimizing the potential for drift.  

Based on prevailing winds, pond size and desired evaporation volumes, Slimline Manufacturing will customize a solution that best meets your goals of cost savings, pond maintenance and environmental safety.

Opportunity & Promise

Our team of engineers have worked hand in hand with clients from across the globe in building and configuring unique, custom solutions for a wide range of applications, conditions and industries. With over 600 installations, from the most remote and harsh northern locations to desert conditions in the middle east our people understand that the most effective wastewater solutions are custom solutions. Our team can set you up for success, wherever your project needs us.

Engineering Cost Effective Solutions

Utilizing the EcoMister Evaporator as their wastewater disposal solution, our customers spend on average $0.0010 per US Gallon ($0.26 per Cubic Meter) on disposal.


Sustainable Wastewater Management

Through extensive research and testing we have developed a standardized process that allows you to safely and consistently dispose of wastewater. By evaporating water without the use of chemicals, filter media, or burning of petroleum products you can to eliminate trucking and disposal costs, and significantly reduce carbon footprint.

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