Case Studies

Applied Creativity: A case study in energy & wastewater management.

Meet Joe Covello, Plant Manager at Applied LNG in Topock, Arizona. Applied LNG for over 20 years has produced, marketed and sold LNG to transportation, municipal and industrial markets across the US and Mexico. In a volatile energy sector, impacted by US and international supply & demand, economic fluctuations and environmental legislation, creativity and cost management are critical to success. For Joe and his team, avoiding the prohibitive cost of a second pond was a priority. That’s when he discovered the EcoMister Evaporator system being utilized at another energy plant just up the road.

The Proof is in the Pond

Twenty years ago, the wind and water engineering team at Slimline Manufacturing developed the EcoMister 1.0. It was the first highly effective portable Evaporator technology for the global mining industry. Since then we have installed over 600 Evaporator Units on sites around the globe.